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nasd out (nas vs washed out)

Image of nasd out (nas vs washed out)


** note that CD itself is a blank CDR -- I can't sell the audio, so you're buying the complete album with full art, but need to acquire the audio on your own **

I spent the summer living in San Francisco, traveling to Bali, Canada, and LA, and living in Rio de Janeiro for a month. in airports, cafes, hostels and apartments, I made a new album with tracks from nas's back catalogue and washed out's album 'within and without.' enjoy.

the record you're purchasing has all the art, but no audio -- it's a CD-R, but the tracks below are the original tracklist:

1. you won't see me with your eyes closed
2. it ain't hard to echo
3. life's a fati
4. soft dreams
5. if i ruled a far away world
6. before one love
7. made you and i look
8. thieves in and thieves out
9. we will dedicate